I rarely do giveaways. You guys know this. But today is an exception – I have the privilege of introducing you to an exciting artist whose career has evolved from street art to fashion design. Meet Jacqueline Levine – the artist behind PRMITV World, an athleisurewear brand that was created from inspiration drawn through a fascinating history of street art and abandoned buildings. Jacqueline has received acclaim through the Washington Post, The Arts Observer and Huffington Post through her custom-designed pieces reflecting self-expression and individualism. I was able to e-interview Jacqueline and ask her a few questions that we can all relate to on different levels. (Be sure to scroll down for the giveaway!!)

Since many of us wonder how we can get started in a creative field, can you tell us what you studied in school or what was the driving force behind your creative beginning as an installation artist?

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