Designer’s bold athleisurewear is fashionable, comfy and quirky

WORLD VIEW: Jacqueline Levine introduces her PRMITV WORLD line at this February’s New York Fashion Week.

So have you heard of athleisurewear yet? Even if you think you haven’t, you probably have.

It’s trending big time in the fashion market right now: a hybrid of clothes that are fashionable but still incredibly comfy. Sure, you want to look pulled together, but who wants to feel like they can’t move in their outfit? Think everything from Lululemon on up, in terms of sophistication of design and the crazi­ness of price tags. Odds are you’ve seen (or worn) them at the grocery store … at pickup time at school … at lunches out … essentially everywhere but at the office (the one place they’re off-limits). Read full article here