Style Me Manly / IT’S A PRMITV WORLD

What happens when a painter and installation artists takes her talent and love of electronic music and decides to branch out with a new line of clothing… just ask Jacqueline Levine, the creator of PRMITV World Clothing.

With a large resume behind her name, numerous awards and exhibitions, Jacqueline has branched out with her talent to create a bold, modern series of clothing for men and women that is described as “wearable art” that kicks us back to a modern 90’s London street scene with blaring beats and EDM rave culture. People who wear PRMITV WORLD seek sophistication in their cultural activities. They don’t listen to music on the radio; they want to hear a masterpiece that takes their mind and soul on a journey. They follow DJ’s, they move to their own rhythm, and they start new trends. Design happens between the lines so start with PRMITV and build your look.

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