The La Fashion / Androgynous Apparel for His and Her Everyday Look

With the successful airing of the 2014 Fashion Rocks two hour live show on CBS having just aired, everyone is clear that there is an obvious connection and fusion between fashion and music, but what about art and fashion? LA Fashion Magazine recently spoke with Venice, CA Painter and Installation Artist, Jacqueline Levine, who has drawn from her successful fine art career and love for electronic music to create a new, edgy apparel line for men and woman called PRMITV WORLD.

Coming fresh off NYFW, Levine has launched her core collection with 12 styles that she says “will help you #FindYourEdge in fashion and in life,” but most importantly is bridging the gap between Art and Fashion. PRMITV WORLD designs include symbols that that play on the juxtaposition of life and death, or order and chaos, “artistically the ultra soft tops play on simplicity: like the #ATOMFISH [fish + the atom bomb] and the #TheGuillotine” says Levine.

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Huffington Post / Jacqueline Levine’s ‘Temptation,’ Rebellion Against Fear

WASHINGTON – Local artist Jacqueline Levine’s work draws from disparate sources of inspiration: the Bible, pop art and “Honey I Shrunk The Kids,” among them.

The colorful, character-driven works will be featured in “The Temptation,” a solo show at Flashpoint. The title of Levine’s solo show refers to how easy it is to give in to personal fears. Levine’s also got the antidote to this temptation — she just launched a Kickstarter campaign called “Rebel Against Fear.”

She’s looking for an initial $25,000 to fund pop-up exhibitions of her work in 2013 — the exhibitions, if funded, will take place in vacant spaces in 11 cities, including D.C., Baltimore, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Detroit.

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